3D Photo Crystal Photo Gifts and Other Custom Crystal Picture Gifts


At ArtPix 3D, utilize only the best high-quality optical crystals to create 3D items. Each item is hand-crafted to perfectly showcase your chosen image, no matter if it is a wedding portrait, baby photo or favorite picture from a family trip. Crystals come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes and are even available in custom shapes to match your house or office space. They are ideal for creating custom photo gifts or anniversary presents because they are useful and affordable. pictures has some nice tips on this.

When ordering a custom made 3d crystal photo gifts or anniversary presents, be sure that the crystals you select are shiny and have a light base. The light base helps to keep the crystal from scratching and also protects the surface of the glass. For added effect, choose a light-colored base and opt for an engraving design. Some popular designs include monogram, name and date, glass or mirror, heart or flowers, and more.

Your personalized or custom crystal photo gifts and wedding gifts can make great keepsakes for friends and family. Custom crystal photo wedding gifts and other special keepsakes like these are perfect as thank you gifts for family members, co-workers, or business clients. Crystals that have a unique light base are ideal for keeping expensive items like photos, jewelry or electronics safe from scratches. These types of delicate keepsakes also make wonderful gifts that are both practical and treasured. Whether for personal use or as elegant keepsakes, 3D photo crystal gifts and other crystal photo wedding gifts are the perfect choice for anyone.