4 Health Checkups Every Woman Should Have


Women’s lives have changed significantly over time. The wellbeing of a family is said to be directly proportional to the well-being of a woman. In today’s hectic world, women must not only be vigilant in terms of preserving their health, but they must also have frequent health checkups, as early detection of any problem will aid in early prevention and better care. Hospitals and medical centres also deliver a variety of affordable health check-up packages to help people maintain a healthier lifestyle. check it out for more info.

There are a number of health check-up packages tailored specifically for today’s women. The following are a few of them:-

• Packages for Breast Health Check-ups: The test in the kit focuses on testing the breasts for lumps or masses, weight loss / appetite, and other issues. Mammography bilateral examination, USG bilateral test, and Ultrasound of both breasts are included in the breast health check-up packages.
Why is this so? Women are more likely to develop fatal illnesses as a result of stress and lifestyle changes. Breast cancer, for example, is on the rise at an alarming pace. As a result, it is important that any woman over the age of 40 who is in the postmenopause period undergoes the tests. The primary explanation is that early detection of breast cancer or some other associated issue will aid in receiving early care and preventing the disease from progressing.

•Anaemia, Blood Cell Count, and Haemoglobin tests are included in the Complete Blood Count (CBC) kit. The kit is very useful and inexpensive because the tests provide information on different blood counts such as red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelet count, haemoglobin level, and so on.
Why: If you feel tired and weak even after doing simple tasks, it’s likely that your haemoglobin level has dropped. If one is continually attacked by viruses and therefore becomes ill, it is likely that the WBCs that battle germs have decreased in size. As a result, it is important to have regular check-ups in order to remain fit and active. Anemia can be caused by a low blood cell count, while a high blood cell count can result in diseases such as bone marrow disease or low blood oxygen levels.

A full blood count test may be performed at any time, regardless of the age or the prescribed time span. It is extremely helpful in every way.

•Ultrasound tests cover the stomach, the whole abdominal region, and the pelvic region.
Why: An ultrasonography is extremely helpful during pregnancy. It aids in the mapping of the uterus’ shape and the detection of abnormalities as well as fibroid development. It also assists in the assessment of abdominal pain and the detection of tumour development in the pelvic area. Furthermore, an ultrasound examination aids in obtaining a clear image of many other vital body parts, such as the breast, joints, and so on. At a fair price, a number of ultrasound health check-up packages are available.