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A family law and divorce attorney are a lawyer that deals with cases that are related to family issues. Family issues can include divorce, adoption, legitimacy, property division, child support, termination of parental rights, paternity, division of assets and liabilities, adjudication on abuse and marital rape. A divorce attorney provides legal advice to couples involved in a marriage that has become legally dissolved. In most instances the parties involved in the marriage have been married for a length of time exceeding fourteen years and in some instances even longer. Sometimes it might be difficult to understand the legal terminology employed by the family law lawyer or by the court. If you are in need of legal advice and assistance through a divorce case, then seeking the help of an attorney who has family law experience would be a great idea.Learn more by visiting [Tiffany Fina Law Firm]

Most states now have provisions which allow individuals who are married for at least a year but are not divorced, to apply for an uncontested divorce. Apart from the federal government, almost all states now have divorce laws on their statute books. In such a situation, even if one party wants an uncontested divorce, then they need to approach a family law attorney who has experience in dealing with similar cases. This will ensure that their rights are protected and that they get fair compensation for the divorce.

A family law attorney would also be helpful to persons who are involved in a blended family. This means that they have two parents and one spouse. In such a situation, a person who is related to more than one parent would need to take care of all the legal aspects associated with the divorce, including those related to custody and financial matters. Since family law and divorce require a lot of legal knowledge, hiring a good family law attorney would be a good idea if one is looking for legal advice and assistance through a divorce case.

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