Don’t Get Bed Bugs Back


Recently, everybody has been hearing about bed bugs in the press. They were once a thing of the past, but they’ve recently made a comeback in hotels and homes across the country. People have redoubled their efforts to defend themselves from bed bugs, since they are difficult to eradicate once you have them. Indianapolis Bed Bug Extermination offers excellent info on this.

These are tiny insects that can be mistaken for cockroaches. They have flat, oval bodies that are about a quarter of an inch long for adults and are brownish red in colour. They eat by sucking the blood of warm-blooded animals, such as humans. They can’t run, so they can just crawl around. They were very popular in the 1950s in the United States, but with the widespread use of DDT, they were almost unknown and were considered a thing of the past. They’ve returned with a vengeance, thanks to the decline in the use of toxic pesticides and the massive rise in travel to and from foreign countries.

Despite their name, bed bugs are crawling insects that can live in any part of your home or workplace. In general, any area where there are people is a good place for an infestation, and the more crowded the better. Bed bugs will live in very clean and tidy conditions, as opposed to the traditional infestation that takes place in a dirty, dishevelled house. Only the blood of warm-blooded animals attracts a bed bug, not trash or discarded food. Bed bugs can go months without eating, so leaving a house empty for long periods of time will not eliminate them.

Bud bugs aren’t usually found creeping around on the surface of your bed. One of their survival strategies is to hide in cracks and crevices where they can’t be seen. Bed bugs tend to hide in areas like beds, curtains, carpets, and even wallpaper seams. And, at night, they come out to feed. Feeding takes about 10 minutes, and they don’t need to be fed again for three to four days after they’ve been fed. Fortunately, unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites are not considered to spread diseases. They burst quickly under pressure until gorged with blood, and coming into contact with tainted blood puts you at risk of infection as well.

So, apart from staying at home, what can you do to reduce the chances of contracting bed bugs? When staying in a hotel, make sure to place your suitcase on the given luggage rack rather than on the bed or carpet. This is also true when you come home. People also unpack their suitcases on their beds, which provides an ideal opportunity for any bed bugs who might have hitched a ride to find a new home. Make sure you wash all of your clothes and dry them in a really hot dryer when you get home. Freezing works as well, but most people don’t have that much room in their freezer.