Family Law: Preparing For Your Custody Hearing


Child custody trials are one of the most challenging facets of family law for an attorney to contend with. While the courts aim to do what is best for the child in principle, deciding this is not always straightforward. And where there are signs of violence, severing a parent’s relationship with their child is not something the courts can take lightly. Knowing what to do to prepare for this hearing well in advance will maximise the odds of obtaining a favourable verdict.Learn more by visiting First Things First: What Do Family Law Attorneys Do?

The first move is to retain the services of an accomplished family law attorney. This would ensure that you don’t miss any critical legal problems during the process that may lead to the courts ruling against you on a technicality. It’s time to get prepared now that you’ve hired an attorney.

The courts will be looking for proof that you appreciate the time you have with your kids. Keep track of how much time you spend with your kids. If you don’t have primary custody yet, keep track of all of your visitation times. If you have primary custody of the children, keep track of how much time the other parent spends with them as well as any special things you do with them. This frequently demonstrates to the courts which parent prioritises his or her children. In some cases, both parents will shine, and in others, one parent will stand out. If you don’t have custody and your ex refuses to let you see the kids when you inquire, make sure you keep track of it as well. While family law can be difficult, keeping reliable records can assist you.

One thing that family law courts are searching for is evidence that you are financially capable of caring for your children’s needs. Have all of your documents ready, including your savings accounts, taxes, and any benefits you might be eligible for. If you are looking for work, as you would be if you were a stay-at-home parent before the divorce, you must be able to demonstrate that you have a strategy in place to find work or that you have a source of income other than a paycheck that will enable you to care for your children.

If you believe you are in a strong position to secure custody, you must also calculate the cost of caring for your children. Use the documents to display all of the expenses associated with childcare, such as gas, clothes, and even day care. This information will be used by the courts to decide how much child maintenance the ex will be expected to pay.