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When trying to decide what to buy, have you wondered what the top gifts for women are? Of course, it depends on the women you are buying for because each one has her own unique taste and interests. But, if you are looking for what the top gifts generally are, let’s explore that.Learn more by visiting  hadiah untuk perempuan


Most women like jewelry (that is, if she wears it) so a pretty necklace, bracelet, charm, or ankle bracelet is a great gift.

Spa Experience

Whether you give her a gift certificate to an actual spa or buy her a gift basket filled with nicely scented spa products, giving her a spa experience is at the top of many lists. Women like to be pampered and to relax, and a spa gift will give them both.


This is a good gift if you are familiar with her taste in perfume. Perfume can be a very individualized taste, so make sure you are giving her something in line with what she usually wears.


This is an old standby that still is at the top of the list for gifts for women. Women appreciate flowers and they love getting some that can brighten up their home.


This year, women are getting more electronics as gifts. Laptop computers, cell phones and a blackberry are all popular gift items now. How things change!


Many women like to pick out their own wardrobes, but if you know her taste, this can be a meaningful gift. She will appreciate the fact that you took the time to go shopping and buy her something that you think she will like.

Music and Books

These can be great gift ideas. Buy her some CD’s of her favorite artist or the latest book by her favorite author.

Gift Certificates

You can give her all kinds of gift certificates – to her favorite restaurant, to a spa, or to her favorite store. You can also give gift certificates to online stores, so she can shop right from the comfort of her own home.


You know the saying, “chocolate is a girl’s best friend?” Well, chocolate is loved by many women, but does the woman you are buying for like and want it? Some women like chocolate but don’t necessarily want it around because they find it tempting to eat too much of it. But if she buys it for herself, she would probably enjoy getting some as a gift.