Housing bailouts and false hopes Chronicles


These are troubling times. That is one thing for certain. Even some workers who had seemingly secure jobs (is there such a thing these days?) have been let go during a recession which has affected millions of people.

Life goes along pretty much as normal for most of the population. They may have seen some differences such as their investments have lost value or the worth of their homes may have plummeted, but life goes on. They still receive a pay check, they can continue to pay their bills, and buying groceries has not been a problem. Unless they have been personally affected to a great degree financially, the economy does not seem so bad. Yet most people feel the gloom that is evident in the country. see here for more info on this.

The government has bailed out large corporations and financial institutions to the tune of billions of dollars. Some stated, before the bailouts became a reality, that it would have been better to just give every tax paying adult a substantial bailout so that they could spend the money and stimulate the economy. No one listened, and the bailouts were made to other government agencies and corporations which it was felt could not be allowed to fail and which were supposed to create jobs and help people. The normal person on the street did not receive bailouts.

Just as the disasters after the Hurricane Katrina hit were evident in the way that money was handled, so it seems today that the bailout money has not made the vast improvements in the economy which was intended. Could we have stimulated the economy if we all had money to spend instead of seeing it tied up in programs to help a few? Could you have benefited with a bailout?

When no personal bailout is possible, it behooves people to find their own bailout money. The rich and successful will tell you that there is always money to go around. There are ways to tap into that ready reserve of financial power. There are some industries which are thriving in these troubled times. People are getting rich everyday from the internet, from network marketing, and from various other home based businesses. It is the wave of the future as it is possible for people to find time freedom as well as financial well being in these avenues.