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Rock climbing offers an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Okay, so maybe sky diving is on the list, but did you work hard to get that far in the air in the first place? Possibly not, in my opinion. It was as easy as getting on a plane and jumping out. There was no exertion needed. Climbing rocks is both mentally and physically exhilarating and satisfying. You can feel a variety of emotions while climbing, including anxiety, excitement, remorse, and peace. Fear of dropping, joy in the moment, remorse for putting yourself in that situation, and calm serenity at the summit as you marvel at your accomplishment

Climbing without a harness is one of the most dangerous and stupid sports ever devised. There’s no way around it. Climbing without protective gear demonstrates an utter disregard for one’s own safety. In free climbing, the word “death wish” definitely applies. It is not something I would suggest to others. Rock/mountain climbing, on the other hand, is a wonderful activity when performed safely. Mountain climbing equipment is needed in large quantities. What I’d like to do now is go over some of the mountain climbing equipment you’ll need before attempting to scale a cliff. check it out

To begin, you must locate a harness that fits snugly around your waist and thighs. If it doesn’t fit snugly against your body’s frame, there’s a fair chance you’ll break your back or slip out of the brace. After that, you’ll need a tight, flexible rope. Only keep in mind that “static lines” can only be used in an emergency or to repel down a wall. For normal climbing, DO NOT use a static rope. A rope that will stretch and absorb the fall is needed. If the rope has been broken by a bad fall, it should be replaced. Climbing with a stiff rope is never a good idea. Another must-have is a chalk bag that is still slung around your waist.

Dip your hands in powdered chalk to avoid slipping with your hand grips. Make sure you’re being belayed by an experienced belay person at all times. Your life is in their hands if you crash. The shoes are the last piece of mountain climbing equipment I’d like to discuss. Make sure you have a good pair of rock climbing shoes on before you start your climb. They must be built for climbing. They have a rigid, pointy sole that is ideal for gripping difficult surfaces. From the tips of your fingers, they should be able to withstand the weight of your body. They must be worn without socks and must be extra tight. So remember to purchase a pair of rock climbing shoes that is three to four sizes smaller than your usual size when you go shoe shopping. To keep your feet supported and prevent them from falling off, they must be painful to wear.