Relevant Facts About Commercial Garage Doors


The safety of your vehicles and business premises is critical as a business owner. If you rent or own your office space or workplace facility, your garage door is vital to both the smooth operation of your company and the security of your properties.

Industrial and residential properties are distinct from one another from a number of viewpoints. When buying, installing, or simply inspecting a commercial garage door, make sure it meets your requirements. First and foremost, commercial garage doors are subjected to greater wear and tear than residential garage doors. Large vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, can pass through these doors on a daily basis, so they must be more resistant than regular doors and meet all safety requirements. Commercial Garage Door Repair-Swift Garage Door Repair LLC

When it comes to commercial garage doors, here are some of the most relevant considerations.

Material and Kind

Depending on the nature of your company, one form of garage door can be preferable to another. Sectional and roller garage doors are the most common commercial garage doors. Commercial roller doors come in a variety of styles, including service or counter doors, as well as security grilles.

Hospitals and college campuses, for example, use service doors, while counter doors are used in smaller spaces like department stores or concession stands. Roller doors have retractable locking grilles, which are used in classrooms, stores, and storage facilities.

Steel is the chosen material for commercial garage doors because it is a long-lasting material that adapts to heavy traffic and resists possible impacts. Steel for sectional or roller doors may be thinner or thicker, depending on the requirements. Heavy-gauge steel is an option if you want further security.