Timing Is Everything – Successful Marketing for Your Dance School


When it comes to promoting your dance studio, not only do you need to know who your target audience is, but you also need to know when the best time is to launch a campaign.

Although promoting your dance school is an ongoing task, you should be aware of who your target audience is and when they are most receptive to your message. As a manager or owner of a dance studio, your classes can appeal to students of all ages, including children and adults. When launching your marketing plan, keep this in mind. Visit and market to the places that your target group frequents most to get to know them. There are some examples of possible locations:

Centers for Day Care

Centers for Community Growth

Festivals of dance

Universities and Colleges

It’s particularly helpful to visit your local college or university while selling adult dance classes. Students are constantly searching for new opportunities to learn, develop their abilities, and meet new people.If you’re looking for more tips, Mandeville School of Music & Dance has it for you.

It’s time to start a marketing campaign to build interest in your dance school after you’ve surveyed your target audience. It’s important to note that timing is everything when launching your campaign. Every target market goes through phases in which they are interested in learning about new products and promotions. Back to school ads, for example, begin to surface in the middle of the summer, as students and parents are beginning to plan for the upcoming school year.

It’s a good idea for a dance school to start their marketing strategy with back-to-school sales. After all, asking prospective students they should enrol in a new dance school in October won’t have the same effect as it will at the start or end of the summer. Many students may have already signed up for programmes for the coming year in October. When you advertise your dance school during the summer, you’re reaching out to students who are thinking about trying something new and are therefore more open to your message.