Secure your home with impact windows.


How can you cover your home in the event of a hurricane or other severe weather? How resilient will your windows be when heavy winds and flying debris are aimed at them? Guardian Hurricane Protection’s hurricane damage resistant windows are a great alternative to conventional storm shutters. Every homeowner and business in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Marco Island, and Naples will benefit from our impact windows, which provide 24-hour hurricane protection. check out this

In Florida, Guardian Hurricane Protection is a well-known manufacturer of doors and windows. Our window items not only provide security and peace of mind, but they also enhance the elegance and curb appeal of your home.

You don’t have to take it down and put it back up any time a storm approaches, unlike storm shutters. It is made up of two layers of glass with an inter layer between them that makes it difficult to crack. In most burglary cases, a broken window is one of the most popular points of entry. Don’t give those burglars a chance to break into your home. It is unlikely to smash our impact resistant windows.

Replacing windows after they have been broken many times may be costly. Because of its excellent reliability, our impact window will keep you safe for years, making it more realistic.

Impact Windows Have a Lot of Advantages

Because of their increased energy efficiency, impact windows are becoming more common with today’s growing electric bills. Furthermore, they have UV protection against 99 percent of rays that enter your house. The colour of your furniture, carpeting, and flooring will remain unchanged and unfaded with this benefit.