The Role of a Family Law Attorney in a Contested Divorce


Divorce is no longer a taboo topic, but rather an everyday occurrence. People are increasingly inquiring about divorce and the legal process. Some people are desperate for a divorce, while others just want to know their choices. Divorce is a civil procedure that allows two married people to terminate their marriage partnership indefinitely and be free of all marital responsibilities. If the divorce is disputed or uncontested influences the legal process. A disputed divorce occurs when both parties are unable to reach an agreement on such matters, such as wealth separation or the division of marital properties. They frequently go to court, which takes time and money. View it now Jensen Family Law – Mesa

Divorce attorneys regularly deal with disputed divorces. The longer a couple has been together, the more problems they will face. If two parties are unable to reach a full agreement, the court will interfere. Asset separation, child custody, and child support are all common concerns. When a case is taken to court, it can take longer. The court is expected to hear all parties’ arguments and come to a final decision. In certain cases, a mediator can be used to help the parties find an agreement without going to court.

The first few meetings with a family law attorney are an interview to learn about the big problems that need to be discussed during the divorce. They request any documentation relating to marital properties as well as other essential factors such as children. After gathering all of the necessary details, they will review it and decide what is appropriate. This data is used to prepare the divorce petition that will be served on the partner. They are deemed in default if they do not answer within thirty days, and the divorce is immediately granted. Before the divorce petition is filed and presented to the partner, the discovery process begins. The divorce lawyers for both parties collect all necessary documents, paperwork, and other things. It’s possible that settlement papers will be drafted many times before a decision is made. If all sides are unable to reach an agreement, the court will interfere and trial proceedings will begin.